Ephemerality  of  Life  2013

"The essence of life is change, a panoply of growth and decay.”                                 

                                               -  M Scott Peck, The Road Less Travelled


This series explores the feeling of change and degradation, decay and the passage of time. This is done through reflections on the transience and ephemerality in nature. My works are the outcome from the pangs that I felt by the degradation, and the decay of the most beautiful, mystical living things, which lie at the bottom of the ocean. The enamoring beauty of the corals, which experience a process of decay by the wrath of time, made me think about the ephemeral quality of nature itself. The change from the most colorful to the colorless has definitely triggered my fascination towards this mysterious creature. I wanted to use it as a symbol, a metaphor or just a visual media to depict the fragility of life in nature. I was fascinated by the phases it goes through in its life cycle from living to dead. My works are visual reminders of the fragility and the impermanence of life.