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"For their current show, Surface, artists Lalitha Bandaru, Lindsey Champlin, and Henry Cowdery created a hot magenta immersive sculpture in the shape of a frozen undulating wave. Visitors are invited to walk, crouch, or crawl underneath the piece and stick their heads through a hole in the center. From both outside and inside, the pink sculpture seems to glow: go and treat yourself to the warmth of color."
                              — the Stranger (Seattle newspaper)

Method Gallery, Seattle 


Second Growth is a group of seven artists working collaboratively to discover new ways of making by learning from the distinctively individual approach of each other's creative processes.

Value of the Earth’s natural life and our relationship with place are common threads throughout each of our practices which have primarily informed the material choice. In the installation, the use of discarded consumer grade plastics knit together with a seemingly endless thread of steel culminated in the Second Growth’s swaying forest of seams.

a clank, a ring, a whisper

a collaborative installation by Francisco Osorio & Lalitha Bandaru

This work was created while exploring the influences of sound while in the presence of an installation. The viewers were encouraged to walk around and even creep underneath the tarp that had small pools of water that would move around with the slightest movements. The diffused sunlight underneath the tarp created an other worldly experience. 

Chelsea Collage of the Arts, London

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