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Artist Statement

As an artist, I have always been inspired and fascinated by the intricate beauty of the natural world — especially the world of plants. The unimaginable wonders, the ephemeral quality of these species, the extravagant design found in the smallest leaf have always captivated me.


Coming from a city in India, I never grew up having access to a garden. Moving to Washington, USA in 2016  was the first time I could nurture and cultivate a piece of land into a garden. Seeing the plants  grow from seed, waiting for the season’s magic to happen and closely observing the minutest ecosystem functioning right in our yard has definitely been a transformative experience. I enjoy the wait, the faith I have in the potential of these species, the little discoveries of growth in my morning walks all encompass the joy of growing and existing alongside a living environment. As a visual artist, I am often compelled to respond to this exquisite experience through my art. 


My artistic process is a continuous exploration of technique and experimentation by using  a variety of mediums, such acrylics, charcoal, graphite,  watercolor and oils. I embrace both traditional and contemporary approaches, blending classical style of oil painting  with the unfinishedness of graphite. The grey of graphite found in most of my paintings signifies the decay or deterioration that often accompanies growth in the plant world which shown by the vibrant play of colors.


Each piece I create is a tribute to the delicate balance and interconnectedness of nature and shows my need to immortalize and capture the  growth, transformation, and decay happening around me. My practice explores the feeling of us wanting to be surrounded by nature and our need to belong. My research also raises questions about our ‘being’ in the natural world and the power and alluring beauty of nature. To sum up, my paintings serve as a humble reminder of the ephemeral yet resilient beauty that flourishes round us. .

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