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Land Shift

This body of work focuses extensively on amplifying the unsettling shift/ change that exists between land and architecture. 

Imprints in Time

As a visual artist, I am thoroughly intrigued by the concepts of space and the way it produces some sort of exquisite experiences when entered. The desire to solidify this intangible experience of ‘being there’ or even just the ‘essence of a place’ in an object has resulted in my series ‘Imprints in Time’.

Lalitha Bandaru 04.jpg
2013-11-21 22.00.05.jpg
At the Threshold of Abandonment

The feeling of not knowing what you are going to come across when you enter this darkness was the stimulus for this project.'At the threshold of Abandonment' in simple words, is a collection of found rubble that has once been a part of something functional.

Material Intelligence
- explorations 
2014 -2015

Painting and drawing being my primary, 'go to' media, sculpture has always fascinated me. The fact that the material itself has meaning and context is thought provoking. Here is a collection of experiments that I have done with various materials especially ones that are extremely familiar and are part of our everyday surroundings.

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